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Sarkari Naukri / Government Jobs :


Nowadays, Young generation of India is becoming positive about Government sector as like private sector. In India there is huge youth population and  In current scenario, it has been observed that lot of post graduates like MBA/Phd holders and Graduates like Engineers are giving preferences to government Jobs.  3 years back only 16% MBA students were applying for banking jobs or other government jobs and now it has reached to 43%.

Almost everybody like government jobs as it has many advantages like Job Security , fixed time , less workload, various holidays, subsidies , growth, post-retirement benefits, allowances/ good salaries etc. There are some disadvantages also but now days things are changing. It takes time but government sector is becoming a preferred area for young job aspirant.

In government Jobs there is huge competition also but it’s the one of the biggest sector of jobs also. There are huge job opportunities in state as well as central government. 

now days, all competitive exams information , schedule, help is available on internet. Government has also made easy for jobseekers as almost all information is available on various government portals . Under UPSC or Union Public Service commission there are professions which has high attraction and its considered as one of the best profession in government sector. There are lot of government jobs which are highly prestigious. 

There are various sources available to get the information on Government Jobs/ vacancies. Also there are lot of informative job sites which can help job seekers to get daily job updates. Also Government has a magazine –Employment News which can give information about various job vacancies .

So, government Jobs or Sarkari naukri  has become one of the most interested area for job seekers and the more young minds comes in government, the more positive change will happen.

Best of luck for your Sarkari Naukri /Government Job hunting….!!!  Happy Hunting…!!

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