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How to answer-Tell me about yourself for Freshers


So your ‘interview’ day is approaching! And you only have one chance to leave a first impression. Finally, loss of appetite, anxiety and sleepless nights will disappear after this day. Imagine you walk in for the interview and the first question that the interviewer throws at you is “Tell me about yourself” you will feel relaxed thinking, it is an easy one. However, most of the candidates get disqualified at this very first step. 

So, what is the reason behind not getting selected? Is this about that simple question “Tell me about yourself“?

Well, it’s not just a simple question but it is the most important question. By asking this question interviewer is analyzing what kind of person you are and whether you will be able to do the job. 

I am sure that till now, you have understood the importance of this question. So let me share a few tips with you guys on how to answer this question:

1) Start with your name with a smile on your face. Remember this shows you are confident and builds a good impression.

2) Give a short summary of your educational background.

3) A short introduction about your family, your hobbies, etc.

4) If you have any major achievements you can also add that. 

5) If you have done an internship or project somewhere, you can add a few lines about your experience working there.

6) Keep it short, do not stretch it too much. 

Let me give you an example for your better understanding:

“Good morning, my name is (Your Name), I am from (Your city name). I did my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from (Your college name). I have completed my 12th from (Your college name) and secured (Your CGPA/Percentage). I have four members in my family and I am the youngest. I love, reading books, watching movies and doing outdoor sports, etc. I have completed my project in an AI-based health checkup tool where my teammates and I attempted to provide clinicians with easy-to-use tools to help them better care for patients which helped them a lot in the Covid-19 situation.

Always remember to be confident about your statement. Believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe it’s true the other person won’t follow. The interview is all about analyzing a candidate—his/her traits, strengths, weaknesses, and qualities. 

A simple formula for answering “Tell me about yourself”:

This will help you to structure your response:

  • Present: Talk a little bit about what your current role is, its scope and responsibilities, and perhaps a significant recent accomplishment.
  • Past: Tell the interviewer how you got there and mention previous experience relevant to the job and company you’re applying for.
  • Future: Give an idea to the interviewer about what you’re looking to do next and why you’re interested in this job and show how you fit the role.

For more guidance to help you prepare for your interview:


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