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A complete guide on Fresher’s World & Freshers Jobs :


Let’s understand the freshers’ world :

Fresher means a person who is passed out from college and now searching for a JOB. Fresher means having NO experience of JOB but passing out from college.

In general, fresher means a person without a Job in hand and without experience. Adding fresher to your resume is NOT suggested by many experts.

So after getting passed out from College and having NO job in hand,

How really freshers world would be?

Freshers World is filled with uncertainty. Freshers World dream is a Decent JOB with a good salary or package. Fresher World is the idle phase between college and industry.   Desperate efforts to get a JOB and desperate to start a career. In Freshers’ World, many things they learn and failures may be faced by fresher. In freshers, world jobs are the only important thing that a fresher expect and everybody, everyone seeks a better job.

Many companies hire freshers through various campuses or through off-campus drives.

In the Freshers world, fresher learns :

  1. Getting a job after passing out becomes more challenging
  2. Most of the candidates realize that they do NOT have enough skills to get a Job
  3. Knowledge acquired during college is sufficient for passing exams
  4. They learned theoretical more and practical less
  5. Communication plays a key role in the interview process
  6. Aptitude becomes another challenge as they haven’t learned in academics
  7. In the open market, there is high competition as compared to college campus placement activity
  8. There are very few sources through which they can get help in their job search
  9. Nobody provides free placement service to them, everything is attached to the cost
  10. Freshers World is full of hopes that they will get a JOB

Being fresher without a job and while searching for a job it’s a different world, it’s the phase of anxiety, uncertainty, hopes, efforts, failures, struggle, competition, success & many more feelings & expressions.

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Stay focused and don’t rest till you get a JOB.