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Important Interview Tips for CS/IT/EnTC Engineers/ Graduates/Fresher to get JOB:

In engineering branches, students give preference to Computer Science/ IT/ Electronics & Telecommunication branches as these branches are having good opportunities in the software industry. Also software industry market is huge in India and its growing day by day and with market Job opportunities are also available in good number. On another side, huge competition is also there, since Software/IT industry offers good pay packages with various benefits.

Being into fresher’s recruitment from some years, we have seen that, Companies says that lot of engineers are available but quality is missing many of the current engineers on other side students are facing difficulties in getting Jobs. So the thing is the there is gap between company expectations and students quality and there are various reasons for that. Lets put those things aside and we will focus now on whats important to get job.

Freshers who have completed degree or Post graduation like BE, B Tech  , MCA, M Tech, BCA, M Sc needs to understand following points. These points are important to get Job easily.

Generally all software companies conducts following rounds in freshers recruitment:

  1. Group discussion
  2. Aptitude test
  3. Technical tests
  4. Technical interviews
  5. HR interviews

Of course, some companies might have different recruitment process.

Considering the above mentioned recruitment process, freshers need to work on following points majorly :

  1. Communication Skills (English)
  2. Aptitude
  3. Technical knowledge

These are of course , very broadly mentioned terms but  very important to get a job as maximum companies follow it. Every company has different expectations but the almost process is common. Considering this scenario if fresher work on above mentioned 3 points there are high chances of getting Job.

Now how to be master in these 3 areas:

  1. Communication Skills: English, English & English – Yes, its important to have very good communication skills in software industry. Now becoming master in English communication is not a one day task if you are good with it but the practice on daily basis can make it easy to take hold of English. So walk English, talk English, read English , sleep English till the time you become master.


  1. Aptitude : though there is no curriculum designed by universities on aptitude or there no specific syllabus. But companies use aptitude test to filter candidates, through aptitude companies checks students skills of mathematics, logic, time management, thinking process etc. So to be master in aptitude practice is very important. Solving lot of problems of maths, English, logical questions can help you to crack aptitude rounds.


  1. Technical knowledge : Yes, you have studied relevant subjects of software industry in engineering but the there can be difference as majorly students do study for exam or marks but to some extent conceptual understanding or real time implementation of that knowledge is challenge to fresh engineers. So now you need to study major technologies again but keeping in mind that conceptual understanding is important.

Here one important thing which all job seekers need to keep in mind is “ Practice, Practice & Practice”. Also you have to do practice of practice. You need to keep your Axe always sharpen so you can be ready for any battle. In every campus there is common recruitment process but every time company expecations, competition, market situation, students scenario will be different. So always be ready for some unexpected things.

Interestingly, its depends on “You” only to get Job, nobody can do it if you don’t upgrade yourself.

You will get Job opportunities , there are several sources but making use of every opportunity is important. Or else you will keep looking for next and next and next opportunity if you will not take first one seriously.

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