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Driverless Car- A step closer towards reality

If there is any buzz word which is doing rounds on everybody’s lips is “Driverless cars”. Yes, you got it right. So, how many of us fantasize about owning a driverless car? There lot of big firms who are heavily venturing into the business of this new innovation. Obviously, Ford and Tesla are leading the race but apart from that Google, Waymo, Uber aren’t too far left behind. So, what’s it exactly which is making this concept such a charm to ignore? Big giants like General Motors too couldn’t resist the future prospect of this technology. I would say it’s the anonymity towards that thing which makes people go all gaga over it. Remember how everyone had the guilty pleasure of wishing to be in Magic school of HOGWARTS!!!

The main purpose of launching driverless car is to automate the manual process. Everything is being automated so why leave driving alone? With automating will come the ease of better management of road traffic. The technology will assert control over the driving and it will eliminate the breaking of traffic rules and rash driving as the system would be calibrated by keeping in mind the necessary rules and regulations. The vexation of making people understand that drunk driving is dangerous would become the thing of yesteryears. Approximately 30 million people die in the US every year in car accidents. This figure could be brought down to single digits. Fuel efficiency and optimization of the system engine would be drastically improved. The gear technology powered by the auto driving engine would make travel fun than tedious.

What about the business professionals? Ever tried giving it a thought? Okay, imagine this you had bumpy last night and next morning you are to give an important presentation to foreign delegates about which you had no time to prepare!! And on top of that, you are supposed to drive now. Well here comes the era driverless technology to your rescue. You can sit back, relax and prepare your best while thanking technology of-course. The paradigm of autonomous cars will impact our lives in ways unparalleled and unthinkable before. Couple this benefit with the health advantages and we can’t thank enough for this to happen at earliest.

Those who prefer long road journeys through private cars may enjoy some leisure activities. Additionally, other important things will be the increased effectiveness due to sensors. They will help in sensing the conditions of the road and aide in the night driving. Extreme weather conditions will be perceived much before which will eventually assist the decision making and safety. The long-term strategy might even be to completely get rid of the fuel cars and replace them with hydrogen-powered or electrically chargeable pods. In either case, it significantly reduces the emission rates thereby directly controlling the current unprecedented pollution levels. We all know currently breathing in Delhi has become like breathing in a gas chamber.

Government backing this initiative not just because of automation process will make things easier. All the factors are weighing together like reduced pollution levels, better efficiency, speed up travel coupled with assistance in traffic handling are making it a thing to hardly ignore. It’s true that people are still having reserved opinion on this and firms are deliberating over few glitches. See everything will come with its own set of problems. And so is the case with driverless cars. The possibility of a high amount of people going jobless is a serious concern for any organization or government. Already India is facing the crisis of jobless youths and such a move will only inflate the all-time usurping numbers. Quite a lot of people may be robbed of their livelihood and it will be the responsibility of government to find something suitable for them. Surprisingly people aren’t sure of how to deal with security threat it will bring. Since it will be solely dependent on the technology hackers creating mass collision can’t be ruled out. Control will be not in our hand and to find some sustainable solution to this problem is the need of the hour if we wish to explore this soon.

Eventually, we just can say that there are still many unknown variables in this concept and like you people are still trying to wrap their head around this in anticipation. But on the optimistic side, we feel that one must be inclined to accept this technology since you can’t assume hurdles and run away from it. Hopefully, soon it will be a thing of reality!

-Credits : Manmohan Agrawal

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