Important Interview Tips for CS/IT/E&TC Engineers/ Graduates/Fresher to get the JOB:

In engineering branches, students are giving preference for Computer Science/ IT/ Electronics & Telecommunication branches as these branches are having good opportunities in the software industry.

Also software industry market is huge in India and its growing day by day, & hence good opportunities are available. Apart from the competition, many IT companies are offering nice packages for eligible candidates.

We are into engineering recruitment & we have observed that,  lot of engineers are available but the quality is missing.  Many engineering grads are facing complex to get the job.

The degree of PRAGMATIC applications of engineering study is missing.  Industrial expectations & applications of engineering techniques is the biggest reason to generate high unemployment.

Those who have completed a degree or Post graduation like BE, B Tech  , MCA, M Tech, BCA, M Sc needs to understand the following points. These points are vital to get Job easily.

Generally, most of the software companies are conducting understated process for fresher recruitment.

  1. Group discussion ( G D )
  2. Aptitude test ( APTI )
  3. Technical tests ( T T )
  4. Technical interviews
  5. HR interviews

Of course, some companies might have different recruitment process.

Considering the aforesaid recruitment process, fresher’s need to work on the  following points majorly :

  1. Communication Skills (English)
  2. Aptitude
  3. Technical knowledge

These are of course, very broadly mentioned terms but very important to get a job as maximum companies follow it. Every company has different expectations but the almost process is common. Considering this scenario, if fresher works on above mentioned 3 points then there are high chances of get the job.

Now how to be master in these 3 areas:

  1. Communication Skills: English, English & English – Yes, it’s important to have very good communication skills in the software industry.

To increase the lexicon, a person should read English articles greedily. Thesaurus plays a very vital role to flourish our communication &  language skills.

To augment the vocab, one needs to read edit page of any English national daily.

  1. Aptitude: Though there is no curriculum designed by universities for aptitude test or there is no specific syllabus.  But companies are using aptitude test to filter the candidate.

Through Aptitude test, companies are looking out general mathematical abilities, reasoning skills, analysis of graphs & charts etc.  To get the mastery in Aptitude, students should solve the max number of mock tests within a given frame of time. 

  1. Technical knowledge:Yes, without of technical knowledge, no any company entertains the candidate in Technical round. Every company would like to have such a candidate who is carrying sound technical knowledge with a fine blend of its applications.

Engineering itself denotes Technical stream of study irrespective of any branch.

 You need to keep your axe always sharpen through practicing of Aptitude, Technical tests with strong English communication so that you will be employable.

In every campus, there is a common recruitment process but every time company expectations, competition, market situation, So always be ready for some unexpected things.

Interestingly, it’s depends only on “You” to get the Job, nobody will you.

You will get various job opportunities but, make sure that” YOU” should make capable yourself. 


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